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This product knowledge video was created specifically for sales associates in the footwear department and features basic marketing and technical information.
This commercial aired on the CTV network during the network’s airing of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. It was thought that the CEO of the corporate sponsor would be a great endorsement to viewers. We agreed and suggested he appear in a figure-skating class as a direct tie-in to the competition.
This is the first of a 6-part episodic marketing series for internal housewares associates. It showcased new products and services, employee achievements, and marketing goals in a relaxed, informal talk-show format.
This video was used to educate and inform associates about the wide range of services offered to customers through the Sears catalogue.
This is an internal credit fraud awareness video for retail managers and their associates. It offers tips on spotting fake credit cards and how “fraudsters” manufacture and use them.
This program highlights the wide range of flooring products available from this Belgium-based manufacturer. The video was played for potential customers at regional and international trade shows.
This DVD was created for a large convention. Copies were distributed to attending retailers to watch and share with potential customers. It features the many kinds of carpeting available today and offers style and décor suggestions.
In-store point-of-purchase video for a major retailer.
In-store point-of-purchase video played in the hardware department of a major Canadian retailer.
Product knowledge and marketing modules for registered massage therapists. This program showed therapists how to subtly market and sell the beauty and skin-care products they apply to their clients.
This motivational video opened a major convention for sales teams.
Safety and security tips for big rig drivers.
Customer point-of-sale video displayed In-store at lumber retailers across the country.

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